Cooking Wines

  1. 1.Q:What is cooking wine?
    A:Holland House Cooking wine is wine MADE for cooking. Holland House uses premium quality wine stock and  has a perfectly balanced taste and aroma. The salt that is added makes it stable in your pantry. This gives you a consistency of flavor you can depend on from the first time you open it to the last drop. Cooking wine is used as an ingredient; it is not meant to be consumed as a beverage.
  2. 2.Q:Do I have to refrigerate Holland House Cooking Wine after opening?
    A:No. Holland House Cooking Wines do not require refrigeration.
  3. 3.Q:How long can I keep Holland House Cooking Wine after I’ve opened it?

    A:We recommend checking the ‘Best by’ date printed on the shoulder of the bottle.
  4. 4.Q:Are Holland House Cooking Wines gluten free?
    A:Yes, all flavors of Holland House Cooking Wines are gluten free.
  5. 5.Q:How do I use cooking wine when the recipe calls for normal table wine?
    A:Use Holland House Cooking Wine in the amount the recipe requires, but reduce the amount of added salt in your recipe, as Holland House Cooking Wines are seasoned with 1 teaspoon of salt per cup.
  6. 6.Q:How do I choose the right flavor cooking wine for my dish?
    A:Wine should complement your dish, not only in flavor, but in color as well. Try Holland House White, White with Lemon, and Sherry flavors for light-colored and mild-flavored entrées such as poultry, pork, and fish. Try Holland House Red and Marsala for darker and more flavorful meats and game. However, taste is a personal preference, so use your imagination to experiment.
  7. 7.Q:Should I be worried about the alcoholic content in cooking wine for my children?
    A:Since alcohol evaporates quickly during the cooking process, your meals are safe to serve to the whole family. However, whether or not to cook with products containing alcohol should be a personal decision.
  8. 8.Q:My Red cooking wine has sediment in it. Is this normal?
    A:Yes, like all fine red wines, they can yield some sediment.
  9. 9.Q:Can I purchase Holland House Cooking Wines online?
    A:Yes, you may purchase Holland House products online by visiting our Online Store.

Premium Vinegars

  1. 1.Q:Where can I find Holland House Premium Vinegars?
    A:They are normally found in the specialty vinegar section, next to salad dressings, or alongside the condiments section of the store.

 You can also buy products on our website by clicking here.
  2. 2.Q:Do I need to refrigerate Holland House Premium Vinegars?
    A:For optimal flavor and shelf life, refrigerate after opening.
  3. 3.Q:Are Holland House Premium Vinegars gluten free?
    A:Yes, our Red Wine, White Wine, Red with Garlic and Balsamic Vinegars ARE Gluten free. Our Holland House Malt Vinegar is NOT gluten free.
  4. 4.Q:What is the shelf life of Holland House Premium Vinegars?
    A:Holland House Premium Vinegars have a shelf life of 18 months. We recommend checking the ‘Best by’ date printed on the shoulder of the bottle.
  5. 5.Q:Does Holland House Balsamic Vinegar contain lead?
    A:Under Proposition 65, retailers are required to give consumers a warning on products that may contain chemicals such as lead, but does not necessarily mean that products actually contain such chemicals. While trace amounts of lead may naturally occur in certain vinegars such as Red Wine Vinegar & Balsamic Vinegar, Mizkan brands did NOT show lead content relative to the California Proposition 65 standards. We test our products annually with an outside accredited laboratory and will continue to do so.
  6. 6.Q:Can I purchase Holland House Premium Vinegars online?
    A:Yes, you may purchase Holland House products online by visiting our Online Store.