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Deglaze deliciously. Make sauces that sing. Round out your roux. Master simple, trusted cooking techniques using Holland HouseĀ® Cooking Wines to elevate your favorite meals.

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Make A Roux

Featuring White Cooking Wine

A combination of butter and flour with a splash of Holland House White Cooking Wine is the key to unlocking a flavorful roux that thickens your favorite sauce.

White Cooking Wine

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Make A Pan Sauce

Featuring Sherry Cooking Wine

Harness the rich, nuanced flavors of Holland House Cooking Wine to craft sumptuous pan sauces that will leave your guests asking for seconds.

Sherry Cooking Wine

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Deglaze a Pan

Featuring Marsala Cooking Wine

Whether you're cooking steak, chicken, or vegetables, deglazing with Holland House Cooking Wine can elevate your meals with delicious flavor.

Marsala Cooking Wine

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